Sunday, August 9, 2009

Offset Lines and Plines

In Architectural plans, most used command for drawing inner/outer walls is the OFFSET.
OFFSET actually makes a simlar line/pline/circle object to a specified distance.
Some times we need TWO offsets on both sides of LINE/PLINE and then want to remove that center line/pline.
This is the case, where we first draw a CENTER-LINE-PLAN and then wants to draw walls inside/outside while removing the center line.

This command helps you much better for this task.
Just gives the OFFSET distance and then pick a LINE/PLINE, this command will make 2 adjacent LINES/PLINES with a distance (OFFSET distance) apart and then removes the center line.

* OFFLINES.lsp (3Kb)
This command makes an offset of LINE/PLINE object on both of its sides.

Sequence of command lines for this routine:-

Enter offset distance <1.0> =
Pick LINE or PLINE :

Download : OFFLINES.lsp

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rotation of BLOCK

This one is a short-cut for ROTATE command.

Suppose in an Electro Mechanical drawing we have to rotate a block exactly with refer to the rotation angle of another instance of the same block or some other block. It’s a tiresome job to first findout the angle and then gives the same. Match property will not work here.

The below LISP routine will do the work for you as it will ask to first select the source block (so as to extract the rotation angle) and then it will apply this angle to the targeted block. Source and Target block may not be the same.

* Rotate-Block.lsp (1Kb)
This command change the rotation angle of block to a given angle (which can be extracted from another block).

Sequence of command lines for this routine:-

Command: RBL
Select SOURCE block:
Select TARGET block:

Download : Rotate-Block.lsp

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Select only NUMERIC text/s

Sorry for a long gap. Actually I was out-of-station.

Here I come up with select/filter option. Say for example:
In an electro-mechanical drawing we are working on a panel board schedule. In the schedule, ALL the numerical texts have to be rewritten.
We cannot select the numerical text data through the AutoCAD built-in FILTER command.

So I developed this lisp routine.
It will SELECT and HIGHLIGHT only the numerical TEXTs.

This command will filter out only the NUMERICAL text/s.

Sequence of command lines for this routine:-

Command: NUMB
Select texts...

Download : SLCTNUMBTXT.lsp